We overcome barriers by delivering therapies directly to the brain.


Brain Implant Therapeutics (BIT) Pharma was founded in November 2015 by leaders from academia and industry, based on the acquisition of intellectual property.

The company resides in Graz, Austria.

BIT Pharma develops and commercialise technologies for site-specific drug delivery to the central nervous system (CNS), in particular the brain, exploiting tailored drug delivery systems.

Local CNS drug delivery – an unmet need among current available treatments

Severe obstacles exist to the optimal administration of therapeutics to the CNS, such as the existence of the blood brain barrier, a diffusion barrier which hampers the influx of most compounds from the peripheral blood to the brain. This results in severe side effects of most therapeutics when administered systemically at sufficiently high doses to reach therapeutic levels in the CNS.

Proprietary innovation

BIT Pharma development strategy focus on tailored and innovative drug delivery systems to be used in highly specialized neurosurgical centres, addressing life-threatening conditions / diseases with high unmet medical needs. These are characterized by small populations with high morbidity, that usually receive little attention from large Pharma Companies, despite the fact that pharmacological solutions may exist through the application of novel drug delivery technology.

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